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  • How to: Braising Basics

    Braising is transformative: it turns tougher, cheaper cuts of meat into richly flavorful dishes that rival their more expensive protein brethren. But unlike...

  • Spring Time Braising

    Yesterday marked the first official day of spring. With the beautifully mild weather we've been having on the East Coast for the past few weeks, all of us...

  • How to Cook Poultry, Part 2

    Week two of poultry was an interesting class. The reason? BRAISING!! This week was all about the wet, slow cooking of poultry. Braising is a wet, low...

  • Braised Pork Shoulder in Chianti Sauce

    Tuscany presents us with a number of amazing cuisines that pair beautifully with the wines of the region. A dish that I have grown to love is braised wild...

  • In Praise of Braising

    Braising is a cooking technique that involves long, slow simmering of a meat or vegetable in a cooking liquid. It varies from poaching in that the braising...


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