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  • Cooking School Daze, Week 4

    When deciding what to cook for dinner, I’ve never really paid attention to the sauces that go on my food. Instead, I usually concentrate on the entire...

  • Cooking School Daze, Week 2

    For those of you who are too young to remember Harvey Korman in Mel Brook’s movie “History of the World, Part 1,” you need to go rent it. For the rest...

  • Cooking School Daze

    “I’m going to chef’s school,” I proudly told my clients. “Wait. Haven’t you already taken a ton of classes? You’ve written COOKBOOKS for...

  • Want To Be A Chef?

    Ask any person working in the culinary industry about what it’s like to be a chef and you will get some of the same points and then you will get completely...


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