So, It’s the day after Thanksgiving. I hope you all had a great holiday, I certainly did.  With a long weekend ahead many thoughts are going through my head. This is what a day off feels like. I love my family but I am actually glad that Thanksgiving only comes along once a year. And of course the most important; what am I going to do with all that Turkey I have leftover!

Well actually that’s not a worry of mine. I am the leftover king. I love taking the scraps from one meal and making them the star of the next. In this case I am planning on turning out two different styles of turkey empanadas to enjoy over the course of the weekend, and especially to share with my friends during the games on Sunday.

These empanadas will be great with beer for the game, but they are easy to pair with wine as well. Both versions I make combine sweet and savory elements that would work with any of the recommendations I made for thanksgiving dinner, from Vouvray to Lambrusco, giving you a great excuse to finish off any bottles you didn’t get to.

What to expect: Bonarda

Charbono is known as Bonarda in Argentina. Charbono is a little planted, little known grape in California, yet it has an almost cult following. A clone of the Charbonneau grape found in France’s Savoie region, it produces  earthy, plummy and slightly rustic wines with plenty of acid and tannin concealed by a friendly richness of fruit.