The Best Easter Candy

Snoothers weigh in on their favorites of the season


Certain holidays just revolve around candy. Valentine's Day, Halloween and birthdays are all perfect examples. While it is hard to pick which is the biggest candy celebration of them all, Easter is definitely up there.

With everything from chocolate bunnies to creme-filled eggs, there is a cavity-creating treat for everyone. There are peanut butter eggs and cream eggs, caramel eggs and coconut eggs, white chocolate eggs and crispy eggs..the list goes on. So which are the best? And is that pre-cut chocolate rabbit even any good?

We've polled the Snooth crew to find out just that.
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Yogurt Pretzels,
Reese's Easter Candy
Taste testing was split into three categories: bunnies, eggs and other (which included Passover treats). After sampling all of the candy available, the Snooth team sat and rated their favorites, selecting a must-have for each category and explaining why.

While many swayed towards the more classic ends of the spectrum, voting for things like the Cadbury Cream Egg and Russell Stover Coconut Cream Rabbit, strange office preferences and a few aversions to coconut and chocolate peanut butter did throw some results for a loop.

Without further ado, the results.

Best Egg

The clear winner here was the classic Reese's Peanut Butter Egg ($4.99), with Ghirardelli Chocolate Eggs ($7) coming in second and the Cadbury Chocolate Creme Egg ($.89), Russell Stover Caramel Mini Eggs ($1.29), and Robin Egg Malt Balls (4.99/lb) three-way tying for third.

One taster explained the obvious win, "Reese's anything will always be my favorite candy."

Another chimed in, "It's Reese's peanut butter, do I really need another reason?"

Ghirardelli's Chocolate Eggs, the close second, left tasters feeling appreciative of the nice balance between creamy chocolate and crunchy crisps and coconut.

Winner: Reese's Peanut Butter Egg ($4.99)

Best Bunny

The bunny taste-off did not have as obvious a winner. Actually, it ended in a tie between two Russell Stover rabbits. Half the team loved the more traditional Snap-It Rabbit ($2.99) chocolate bunny and the other half loved the Coconut Cream Dark Chocolate Bunny ($.99). There was one outlier of this group, with a single Snoother voting for Jolly Rancher Sours Bunnies ($2.99), applauding them for their "umami, crack-like nature."

Pollsters laid out support for each of their bunnies of choice, with responses ranging from love for the "creamier texture of the Snap-It Rabbit's milk chocolate" to raves for the "gooey, not too sweet" filling of the Coconut Cream Bunny. One taster even called it "adventurously tropical."

Winner: Tie between Russell Stover Snap-it Rabbit ($2.99) and Russell Stover Dark Chocolate and Coconut Cream Bunny ($.99)

Best Other

Here's where the Passover candy came in. While initially brought in for a separate tasting altogether, tasters raved so highly about the Matzel Toff products that we just had to include them as potential sweet treats for either holiday. Many loved the Coconut Parve Dark Chocolate Holy Macaroon!($8.75), with one taster calling it "perfect."

Others enjoyed the Matzel Bits ($7.75) for their crunchy texture and sweet toffee.

Despite the strength of these two candies, the ultimate winner in the "other" category was the Yogurt Pretzel bag from ($4.99/lb). These sweet and salty treats are decorated with seasonal pink and purple swirls, making them perfect for adding to any Easter basket.

Winner: Yogurt Pretzels ($4.99/lb)

What are your favorite Easter and Passover candies? Let us know your votes in the comments below!

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