The culinary wonders of "real" Cajun cuisine have been lost to many unsuspecting consumers, bedazzled by the promise of a taste of Louisiana's proud aged art of cooking,  only to be served a cheap imitation. Restaurants boasting a menu of cajun cooking have spread across the country enticing patrons to sample Louisiana's finest. The 'rub' (no pun intended) is that many of these preparations have evolved from a lack of experience and knowledge, with impostors serving overspiced, overpeppered, tongue-searing or burned food.

Hot does not make it Cajun; heavy pepper does not make it Cajun; overspicing and burning food does not make it Cajun. Many would-be lovers of this fine cuisine are missing out on a delicious culinary experience. Cajun food may not be subtle, but its ingredients work together releasing layers of tastes, extremely pleasing to the palate, causing your brain to ask for more...NOW! An explosion of flavor.