So much of our reference for grilling is based on big slabs of meat, sausages, and hamburgers that we frequently overlook how the subtle flavors imparted by grilling can transform the simplest fruits and vegetables.

The intense heat of the grill adds enticingly complex flavors to your food as it forms a wonderfully caramelized crust. Factor in the smoky char of the grill and it’s no surprise that  The New Vegetarian Grill is changing the way people are looking at their vegetables, not to mention their grills!

Meet Andrea Chesman

Andrea Chesman is a freelance writer, regional New England cooking expert, and an authority on healthy vegetarian cuisine.The original edition of The Vegetarian Grill was a 1998 James Beard Cookbook Award nominee and recipient of a 1999 NBBQA Award of Excellence. Buy The New Vegetarian Grill