You might think that veal stock is a very strange beginning for, and in some ways it is. The reason I’ve chosen to write about veal stock before all other topics is simply because we hope to make the veal stock of the online culinary world.

How so, you ask? Well, veal stock is such a fundamental ingredient in many chefs’ kitchens, as we hope will be.

Veal stock is a simple ingredient that packs immense complexity into a pure, easy-to-use product, as we hope will do.

Veal stock adds richness and depth to so many dishes, as we hope will do.

Our goals here at may seem ambitious, but we are committed to bringing you the finest information on the Web about the culinary world. And while starting with humble veal stock will seem to be an odd choice to many, its role as the foundation of so many fine dishes serves as a simple parallel for this first installment of

We look forward to hearing from you all as we set out on this journey. Your input will help guide so that we may become your go-to culinary resource. If you have suggestions for the site or wish to contribute content, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.