Last week, we worked with mostly raw ingredients in the fruits and vegetable category. This week, we took those ingredients a step further. Like tasting the same brand of wine from different years, the same vegetable can have a very different taste depending on how you cook it.

This is abundantly obvious when demonstrated on carrots. We boiled, roasted and sautéed this basic vegetable and added only a bit of oil, salt and pepper to the roasted and sautéed versions. The taste difference was astounding! I really don’t like boiled carrots, even with butter or sauce over them, but the taste of the roasted and sautéed versions was really lovely. The sugar in the carrot seems to caramelize and gets a smoky flavor while the outside browns a bit and changes texture. 

May, our teacher, talked about the various kinds of cooking techniques to use for various vegetables throughout the year, but I’m going to stick to the winter vegetables available to us now and the best ways to cook and store them.