Immersion blender: submersible mixing power, handheld stick of culinary dreams, going boldly where no blender has gone before—into your hand, then into the pot. With it, we puree soups, we emulsify salad dressings, and, most importantly, we avoid transfer from one vessel to another. Just plug, dunk, and blend.

But is it friend or foe? For this installment of Weekend Fix, we gathered recipes to showcase the versatility and general convenience of the immersion blender. But we also came across some recent coverage of a few key drawbacks (hint: these particular drawbacks tend to result in stitches). What’s your take? Convenient? Dangerous? Both? However you vote, be careful when you use it. And when in doubt, there’s always an actual blender. Just make sure you have a lid.

Immersion Blender image via Shutterstock