By 2013, anyone with access to a computer, a smartphone and a restaurant with decent-to-good food is a self-proclaimed foodie. Similarly, people with access to a functional kitchen and a grocery store are self-proclaimed chefs. I’m not really sure what this means for the future of quality food writing and cooking, but I can’t imagine it’s all too positive.

That said, I find there to be a distinct difference between these self-defined “experts,” people who possess actual skills like professional food writers and chefs, and people who simply have something to say or show. As much as it may seem like “expert advice,” telling someone how to do something or enjoy something without any room for flexibility isn’t always constructive. That is why this week’s featured food blog, Om Nom Ally, stands out so much to me. The author doesn’t pretend to be a professional this that or what have you, she is simply providing readers with a jumping off point, and a healthy one at that. This doesn’t happen too often in the food blogosphere, so when it does appear, it’s worth praising.

Images via Om Nom Ally