At First Glass
Wine and food go hand in hand: glass in one and fork in the other. Nancy Yos is holding onto both at her blog, At First Glass.

Her informed wine reviews are packed with evocative descriptions, wine history and wry observations. She often dips into her cookbook collection for inspiration for blast-from-the-past recipes. Recent recipes include pork chops with sour cherry sauce from a 2004 Gourmet cookbook, Antoinette Pope's apricot meringue sticks circa 1948, and simple braised pork from the 1990 James Beard Celebration Cookbook.  

We recommend checking out the posts on The White House Cookbook, detailing the 1887 menu from President Cleveland's wedding lunch, including lemon dumplings with wine sauce and Chateau Iquem (d'Yquem). The site has a handy recipe index and wine library. Nancy had us at first glass... and second and third!

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