When you discover your latent love of Korean food (it’ll happen, if it hasn’t already), you’ll do like me and scour the web for recipes for jeon, ramyun, at least a starter kimchi kit.  But before you delve too quickly into first-time cabbage fermentation, you should e-mosey your way over to Kimchi Mom: Recipes and stories from a Korean-American kitchen.

That kitchen belongs to Amy Kim, a.k.a. Kimchi Mom. And her blog is where Korean tradition meets homemade meets some good old-fashioned fusion (Sloppy Jaes, anyone?). But even tweaked or playfully Americanized recipes carry generations of culinary DNA—and much of that comes courtesy of Kim’s mother, a Korean native who came to the states to help her daughter and son-in-law with their two young children, with an emphasis on cooking.

Image courtesy of Kimchi Mom