Next week kicks off the unofficial start of summer, which in my book equates to the beginning of charcoal season. Now I don't know about where you live, but grilling does largely come off as a man's sport here in the U.S., so coming across Grill Grrrl's blog was a breath of fresh, char grillin' air!

Robyn Medlin is the unabashed girl behind the grill, wielding her expertise in a truly approachable, fun way out of her backyard in South Florida. With a focus on healthy, flavorful recipes like like apricot ginger-glazed pork tenderloin and cedar plank salmon with grilled rainbow carrots, it's no wonder she has a following, even hosting grilling clinics just for female enthusiasts. Robyn's first love of baking also peeks its head every once in a while in the form of lemon lavender pound cake and candied bacon chocolate cupcakes (run - don't walk - to this recipe).

Check out Grill Grrrl's great recipes, instructional videos and even custom aprons - it's a site anyone can benefit from!