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There are people that like to bake and then there are people that like to BAKE. Emily Hobbs of the Sugar Plum Blog falls in the latter camp, fully living up to her site's name. Not only does the self-taught, fearless home cook create original recipes for her site, she is also active in the competitive food circuit, participating in everything from Food Network's Ultimate Recipe Showdown (twice!) and the Beringer's Great Steak Challenge.

Sugar Plum's appeal is simple: mouthwatering homemade desserts with a classic American bent - and a generous amount of humor. This means lots of Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Cake, Really Good Donuts and Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake for her large and growing audience.

And while the Sugar Plum Blog may understandably be heavy on the sweets, there are plenty of delicious savory dishes thrown in for good measure. Visit the Sugar Plum Blog and see for yourself!

What's Really in Chefs' Refrigerators

By Yasmin Fahr, Editor

Have you ever wondered what a chef’s kitchen looks like: Is it immaculate? Huge and luxurious? Or more likely, tiny, sparse, and mostly unused? There’s the common saying that a person’s eyes are the windows to their souls, so, since we always have food on the mind, we wondered if the same were true of chefs’ refrigerators. Are they windows into the cooking and eating habits of chefs? From what we found, we think so.

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