With Father’s Day coming up I figured it was about time to showcase some daddy-based blogs, which is why I turned to Gastrokid. Okay, so the blog isn’t full of beautiful photos and it relies mostly on default Blogspot and Wordpress font settings, but it's full of kid-friendly recipes written by two enthusiastic dads. And they referenced Amelia Bedelia in their most recent post, which definitely caught my nostalgic-for-childhood eye.

Hugh Garvey and Matthew Yeomans both have plenty of experience in the food-writing industry, Garvey being the current west coast editor for Bon Appetit and Yeomans having written for a range of publishers including the New York Times and Conde Nast Traveller. Despite, or with help from, this combined high-profile portfolio, the site revolves around family meals and kid-friendly treats. Check out their Gastrokid Mac and Cheese, Quick Fish Jambalaya and Homemade Gatorade recipes.

And adding to the fun, the two are compiling a list of kid-friendly restaurants with help from their readers.

Yoemans and Garvey’s blog-inspired cookbook is available on all major book sites, including Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. Sure would make a great Father’s Day gift!