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If ever you wanted a food blog that addressed its recipes in proper APA style, we've found it.

Something Edible is a food and drink-dedicated blog written by Beau Dealy. Beau, a stay at home dad, chronicles his adventures in cooking and parenting through the sites wonderfully funny and informative entries.

So what about this is "APA" you ask? Well, Beau approaches each recipe with an abstract, highlighting his general thoughts about the dish and what it is. He then includes a purpose, in which Beau dictates his intentions with the dish and how he began to go about creating it. He then lists the recipe (both a detailed and "gist of it" version), and finishes with both a bullet-pointed list of his observations and a write-up of the overall results. This might seem a bit overly-structured when hearing about it, but Beau is quite witty with the style, using the terms instead as a friendly and comical introduction to his cooking.
His recipes are family-friendly and easy to make, with informations and images that are incredibly inviting. And if you do happen to looking for something else, Beau has got you covered with his "Inedible" section, where he tells of non-food related dad items, like how to make homemade Play Dough, or how to get the best use out of your dishwasher.

We love his One-Pot Stove Top Macaroni and Cheese recipe, and the Beef Lengua Tacos definitely sound like something worth trying. Don't get us started on the Caramelized Onion Upside-Down Cornbread, the name speaks for itself.

Give Something Edible a look for yourself and see just how great the recipes are. Don't forget to let us know which great ones you cook up yourself below!

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