What would we do without the influence and inspiration of French culture on American cuisine? Well for one, we would not have the pleasure of featuring this week’s beautiful, personality-driven blog. 

Sylvie Shirazi’s Gourmande in the Kitchen is chock full of simple, healthy and delicious recipes that will help you find confidence in your own kitchen. Just take a look at the Spinach Herb Omelette and picture serving it as a healthy and filling Sunday brunch. Not convinced? There's more.

Thanks to the way Sylvie incorporates seasonal ingredients into her recipes makes, it's hard not to smile with delight and run into your kitchen to whip up something delicious. The Sugar Snap Pea and Fennel Salad with Apple Cider Viniagrette is a prime example, perfect for welcoming spring. Speaking of spring, how could you resist sitting outside on a warm evening, spooning bites of Raspberry Lychee Sorbet with Champagne? The color alone is enough to make me swoon, but add in the Champagne and the deal is sealed.