Right off the bat, this blog is kind of a no-brainer for me. I love cooking and I know that the ends will usually justify the means, but there are some recipes in which the means are a serious burden to the rest of my everyday life. With that being said, Fuss Free Cooking does exactly what the name says, removing the occasional extra fluff that can come with recipes while still delivering an excellent end result.

The blog is written out of Australia by a woman named Emily, whose clear goal on the site is to inspire people to cook for themselves rather than just act as a guide to refer to. Her style of writing is incredibly friendly and comfortable. I find that as I read through each recipe, I am inspired by the food before I even know how to make it.

While most food blogs will separate into several different categories and require that you sort through all of them before you find the exact dish you want, Fuss Free Cooking makes it, well, fuss-free. The recipes are divided into four categories that are easy to navigate: Dessert, Meat, Meatless and Lifestyle.