I’ve always been very curious about the vegan lifestyle, mostly because I am most definitely a red meat eater. I find it hard to wrap my brain around not being able to eat meat if I were to become a vegetarian, let alone a vegan. So when I came across Healthy. Happy. Life., a blog written by a woman who clearly has a serious passion for creating good vegan dishes, I couldn’t help but read more.

When I hear vegan, I immediately think of raw vegetables and tofu. Healthy. Happy. Life. is so much more than that, and so it’s pretty intriguing.

For Kathy, the writer of Healthy. Happy. Life., the blog is about providing as many options as possible for people to maximize their vegan lifestyles, without being held back by the limits that it sets. Rather than see it as a restrictive diet, she gives great recipes that take advantage of every possible food item that can be eaten by a vegan, and she gets creative with all of them. She has hundreds of recipes for every possible course (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts), so there’s almost no way that you won’t find a recipe that looks appetizing. After looking at her recipe for Over Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, I decided that the next time I am in the mood for a baked potato, there’s no doubt that I’ll make this recipe instead!