Upon first opening this blog I was almost too quick to turn away, thanks to a comment from author Crissy about not caring for nuts. With my deep passion for everything from salted cashews to honey smoked almonds, a dislike of nuts is something I just can not grasp.

Thankfully, I was not so quickly deterred and poked around on the site a bit more before turning away. Thank goodness I did. This week's featured blog, The Roaming Kitchen, is just too good to miss, with endless great recipes for all settings and seasons. And yes, there are even some beauties including nuts, like the Sage-Candied Walnuts recipe that sounds like a must-make.

While her background as expat in Madrid turned love affair with Frenchman kind of makes you want to hate her just a little bit, Crissy's beautiful writing skills and friendly approach make her feel like a long-lost Internet friend.