While scanning the interweb for today’s featured food blog of the week, I decided I’d also look for a few brunch dish ideas for future brunches to be held at my new abode. I’d need to find a few sweet dishes, a couple savory, and a few cocktail recipes to make this a boozy occasion. Usually, I have to use a couple different recipe blogs to put together one solid menu, but when I came across See You In The Morning, I looked no further.

See You In The Morning is a slightly quirky and very photo-forward food blog that had me hooked almost instantly. As foodies, we come across food blogs all the time with people going on about their origins and inspirations and how the dog they had in the second grade inspired these oatmeal cranberry muffins. That is all well and good, but sometimes a few photos, a recipe, and some words about it are all we really need. See You In The Morning is by no means a novel outlining a play-by-play of the writer’s life, but it is a great depiction of what she loves: food and everything else that comes with it.