Today’s food blog of the week really caught my eye as I was scanning the interwebs, which doesn’t happen nearly enough. Sure, I come across blog titles that are “eye-catching,” but sometimes after reading through a little bit, I realize that the title is the most exciting thing about the entire blog. Not this time. With this blog, I was mesmerised by not only the name, Curry and Comfort, but by the gems within.

Curry and Comfort, a blog written by a woman named Ramona, is a culinary diary of different recipes made in Ramona’s home kitchen. Inspired by cuisines all over the globe, many of her recipes revolve around heavy spices, with an abundance of flavors that you will be hard-pressed to find a lot of bloggers producing at home. Fortunately for you and I, these recipes are now at our fingertips, and thank goodness for that!