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Today’s food blog of the week really caught my eye as I was scanning the interwebs, which doesn’t happen nearly enough. Sure, I come across blog titles that are “eye-catching,” but sometimes after reading through a little bit, I realize that the title is the most exciting thing about the entire blog. Not this time. With this blog, I was mesmerised by not only the name, Curry and Comfort, but by the gems within.

Curry and Comfort, a blog written by a woman named Ramona, is a culinary diary of different recipes made in Ramona’s home kitchen. Inspired by cuisines all over the globe, many of her recipes revolve around heavy spices, with an abundance of flavors that you will be hard-pressed to find a lot of bloggers producing at home. Fortunately for you and I, these recipes are now at our fingertips, and thank goodness for that!
Before even getting to the recipes, I found myself truly inspired by her charming biography. Most “about me” sections tend to not get too personal and more often than not revolve around how you can and cannot use photos without some form of written consent from the author. However, Ramona makes Curry and Comfort incredibly personal, casual and, well, comfortable. After only a few short paragraphs, I felt the warmth and inspiration in each recipe and found myself feeling as if these recipes had come out of my own family kitchen, rather than someone else’s.

First and foremost, the name of the blog speaks volumes about the recipes within. The word “comfort” is always pleasing to me, and her recipes absolutely evoke a sense of warmth and comfort. For some great appetizers, the recipes for Sri Lankan Fish Cutlets as well as Masala Spiced Shrimp Cocktail with Mango Salsa are truly inspired, using a variety of spices for incredible flavor. For some classics with a twist, try her Jalapeno Poppers with Bacon, and use the leftover filling to make Jalapeno Popper Bacon Grilled Cheese.

One of my favorite categories of Curry and Comfort is Fusion, mostly because I love combining different cultural cuisines to see how they meld. Ramona does this flawlessly, as you can see in her recipes for Indian-Thai Lentil Curry, Curried Hoppin’ John with Pork and Bacon, and My Jambalaya “Con-Fusion.”

Just as with the “comfort” part of the blog, the “curry” part is equally inspired. I’ve realized that many people shy away from curry, mostly because they fear for their stomachs after eating a bowl of it. In this case, I find my iron gut to be a blessing. Her recipe for Lemongrass Chicken Curry is fresh and bright, and fairly quick to make. To really get your curry on, try her Sri Lankan Shrimp Curry and her Curried Swiss Chard. She has about 60 curry recipes, so you’ll have no problem finding one that suits your taste buds.

As with most blogs that I encounter, the desserts section is always something to look forward to. Curry and Comfort is no exception to that rule. Check out her recipes for Sri Lankan Watalappan, Avocado Pineapple Popsicles, and Cranberry and White Chocolate Cookies for some truly unique sweet treats.

For dishes inspired by all corners of the world, Curry and Comfort is a real treasure. I hope you enjoy preparing any or all of these recipes, just as I did! Cheers, and happy cooking!

Have any food blogs you can’t live without? Let us know about them in the comments below!

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  • I'm a big fan of Vindaloo Tiramisu (a pen name, obviously), and her blog, TheVoluptuousTable. Among the many reasons is the casual and charming stories told therein, and so I really appreciate you finding this one because it appears to have much of the same feel to it.

    Sep 30, 2012 at 8:31 AM

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