It's always nice to stumble upon a food blog in the webiverse written by a man. Despite the incredible abundance of approachable food blogs out there, covering everything from gluten-free treats to meat only meals, there are a limited number of blogs from the male point of view.

This week's featured food blog, Macheesmo, is one of the few fantastic food blogs written by a man. In this case, that man is Nick. Throughout his blog, Nick explores the cooking world by playing with regular ingredient pairings and improving upon them, learning just what "macheesmo" means. Through his kitchen trials, Nick has defined that as "learning to be confident in the kitchen." A great thing to learn, if you ask us!

In the process, we find an array of fantastic food stuffs thanks to Nick's documentation. With recipes for everything from PBR Waffles to delicious Cauliflower Macaroni and Cheese, his blog explores the world of food and the stories behind its recipes.