This week’s featured food blog of the week, Kosher Camembert, tugs at the heart strings for me.

Having grown up in a kosher household until I turned 18 and moved away from home, I was accustomed to eating in a very different way than my non-Jewish and non-kosher friends. While my mother is an excellent cook and can whip up a delicious weeknight meal without needing any non-kosher food, there were times when I found myself wondering about food beyond our roasted chicken and potatoes dinner.

Kosher Camembert, written by a woman named Zahavah, is a resource I can only wish to have had at my disposal in my younger years. Mom’s roasted chicken could be dinner tomorrow night, because tonight could be Moroccan Beef with Chickpea Tagine! A Jewish mother not roasting a chicken for dinner? Seemingly unheard of. But it’s 2012, anything is possible!