Around this time of year, I find myself hitting the food blogosphere extra hard. With all of the upcoming holiday parties, bake-offs, cook-offs and potluck dinners, it’s imperative that we all have plenty of recipes to choose from when at least attempting to prepare a different dish for each occasion. Upon doing a serious recipe search while waiting out my food-induced coma after Thanksgiving dinner, I came across PDX Food Love. And, I fell in food love.

Rebekah, the proprietor of PDX Food Love, has a simple yet compelling concept to convey to her readers. Want to prepare dishes that are easy to make and easy to love? Come right on in! Not only is PDX Food Love user-friendly, it has a lot of variety to it as well. There’s no one culinary style or cultural cuisine that she’s going for, instead Rebekah just writes about what she likes to make for each meal of the day. As someone who can define herself as a “meat and potatoes” eater, I really can’t argue with that logic.