Throughout my career as a writer of all things food and booze, I’ve picked up on a few things. One of these things is that food blogs have turned into something so much more than a website to find recipes. Food blogs are becoming thoughtful, interesting and dare I say it, fun! This week’s featured food blog, I Nom Things, is an excellent example of this new wave of food blogs. Some food bloggers seem to have this notion that writing about food and cooking is this serious endeavor that can’t allow for a giggle here and there. I Nom Things is the exact opposite, and to that I say, let’s have a giggle!

I Nom Things, a funky food blog written by a Ila Betapi, is probably the most interesting food blog I have ever come across. Her recipes are mostly Asian-inspired, which I always find intriguing--mostly because I love Asian cuisine and wish that I could cook more of it at home. However, it’s the feel of the site itself that really keeps me browsing. Sure, her recipe database is extensive and her recipes can get fairly in depth, but she also manages to keep things light and fun without getting too serious. Cooking is supposed to be enjoyable, and while reading I Nom Things, it’s easy to see that Betapi is having fun and enjoying every minute of what she’s doing.