Standing in the dairy section of the grocery store is where I am most often plagued with decisions. This seems to be the area where you can be on one end of the spectrum or the other when it comes to attempting to eat healthy. I find myself having the constant inner monologue “Do I really want to eat something that is telling me, in its name, that it is in fact not butter? Better go with it, for the sake of my waist.”

I’ve been having this mind-numbing back and forth for most of my adult life, but after coming across this week’s featured food blog, Use Real Butter, I’m starting to see the bigger picture. Sure, the butter substitute will make me feel less guilty, but will it satisfy my need for something with the flavor and quality of actual butter? Use Real Butter has no problem answering this question. It’s a YES, in the form of mouth-watering recipes, all full of the real stuff.

Imagery via Use Real Butter