What Wine with a Clambake?

Savoring summer one clam at a time!


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What Wine with a Clambake? What could be better than summertime? A summertime clambake! That's right, clambakes with sausages, corn, potatoes, shrimp, and lobster are a Northeast tradition, but there's no reason you can't enjoy one wherever you are.

Not only does the clambake embody the spirit of summertime, cooked outdoors, with the salty spray of the sea blowing through the air and eaten off paper plates, but it also is the perfect foil for some delicious drinks. Beer is a good pairing, but wine is even better and some wines really stand out with classic clambake fare. Hana Choi has wrapped up the finer points of How to: Clambake on Whatscook.in - now it's mine turn to pick some wines!

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    a great pairing article here GDP. Thanks.

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