While this is a classic Italian, and more specifically Southern Italian, way of celebrating Christmas Eve, its broad appeal is undeniable. What could be better than a meal composed of seven small plates of perfectly prepared fish dishes?

Typically, the dishes include some fried seafood, some marinated seafood, some braised or baked stuffed seafood, and a pasta course. With such a diversity of dishes, it can be a challenge to pair wines with this feast, but the solution is simple: stick with a Southern Italian white. In my opinion, Fiano di Avellino is the best white of Southern Italy, so why look elsewhere? With enough acidity to balance out the marinated and fried dishes, Fiano also brings a lovely balance of minerality and fruit to the table, weaving its way through all the complex flavors of a classic Feast of Seven Fishes!

You might notice that the wines I am recommending are not the current releases for each producer. I prefer Fiano with a year or three of age as I find that the wines really open up and become more complex over this modest period of time.

Seafood and Pasta image via Shutterstock