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We have HuffPo to thank for this blog, which rose to the top of the great online culinary stew to make it into one of their monthly Top 10 Food Blogger listings. (Even Internet people need help navigating the Internet.) The blog is Simply Scratch, and the idea is just that: create delicious food and drink from start to finish.

Whatever your motivations for cooking from scratch—earning extra kudos, avoiding chemical additives, finding out if homemade ketchup can compete with Heinz—this blog will guide you from A to B.  It’s not really about credos so much as creativity, the thrill of realizing you can reproduce some of your favorite flavors at home. A recent post on Parmesan-Garlic Peppercorn Dressing (our blogger’s a self-professed “total salad dressing addict”) came about after she took an envious, satisfying bite of her husband’s restaurant salad and fell in love with the uber-garlicky dressing.  

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The aforementioned faux-Heinz, a.ka. scratch ketchup, post came about after a commenter noted that a previous post calling for store bought (if organic) ketchup wasn’t completely “from scratch.” Now the scratch ethos is more or less strict depending on who you ask, but our blogger, Laurie, took that as a challenge (if not a lifestyle choice) and prepared a homemade ketchup post that takes the tangy, tomato-y mystery out of the bottle—no banging on the 57 necessary.

Not that it’s all about demystifying condiments. The blog, and scratch cooking in general, are about empowering—nay, emboldening—the home cook to tackle any and every recipe that tickles the fancy.  And our blogger leads the way, with recipes like the sing-song Garlicky Green Bean AlmondineSpicy Chipotle Sliders, and simple Mocha Java Milkshakes, a cost-effective replacement for your coffee-shake fix from the Big Java chain of your choice.

It’s not quite healthy food, though some of it is, but knowing every single ingredient that goes into your food, and taking credit for its exquisite harmony, is both reassuring and a bit of a thrill. Put something like Peanut Butter-glazed Brownie Doughnuts on the Sunday morning breakfast table and bask in the glow of homemade appreciation (as opposed to the pink and orange glow of a certain megalith doughnut chain).  Cajun Baked Onion Rings—which our blogger attempts despite the fact that her mandolin “scares the crap out of” her— might not fill the Bloomin’ Onion void in your life, but it might make you forget you ever had one.  

Sophistication gets its scratch treatment, too. (The ambitious might swap out the store bought baguette for a loaf of this Easy Homemade French Bread.)  And it’s a feast for the eyes, too. Big, crisp photos abound. Posts begin with cute, tidy ingredient group shots that actually demonstrate how low-production scratch cooking can be. And step-by-step photos ensure that almost anything intimidating is explained, and demonstrated, for your scratch-cooking needs.   

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