Pan Seared Beef Recipes

Pan Seared Beef Recipes
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Pan searing of beef is generally used on thinner, more tender cuts of meat. Those cuts tend to be leaner, more delicately flavored and more tender than other cuts of beef. Cuts include filet mignon, strip steak and flat iron steak.

Pan searing is a quick cooking process that doesn’t allow for much breaking down of meat or melting of marbling. Because of the way searing works, it’s often used to produce a steak that is relatively rare yet that has developed a nice crust. The flavors of pan-seared beef tend to combine the lightly nutty sweetness of the caramelized surface with a rich yet fresh beefiness. 
The combination of these flavors allows for many wine pairings, though neither the crust nor the meat itself represents a particularly strong flavor. It is best to look for wines that are medium-bodied with medium intense flavors to pair with your pan-seared beef. In fact, the beefiness of the cut is highlighted by pan searing, so looking for beefy or meaty wines is an excellent route to take when looking for a wine pairing. Mourvedre and Syrah each have meaty elements to their flavor profiles. Mourvedre can often be too intense for a pan-seared steak, but it does contribute a meaty quality to many blends from the South of France and the New World wine producing regions, such as Australia and California. There are many options to choose from.
The cut of meat you choose to pan sear is really what is most important when pairing with wine. As is generally the rule, a filet mignon’s delicate and subtle nature is best paired with the delicate texture and complex flavors of aged wines like mature Bordeaux, Rioja Reservas and Chianti Riservas. Flat iron steaks are more fatty and richly flavored, so they can be paired with younger wines where the tannin in the wine counters the fat in the steak and with bolder wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec or Merlot. 


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